Ontario Unveils the New Green Ontario Fund

The Government of Ontario unveiled the new Green Ontario Fund on August 30th, 2017. This fund is designed to deliver programs and rebates that will help businesses and homeowners reduce energy costs. This program is being funded by Ontario’s Cap-and-Trade program and has received $377 million so far.

Ontario’s GreenON Installation Program is a push for smart thermostats in homes across the province and is good news for the electrical grid, as these devices tend to lower demand by automatically adjusting your temperature setting to reduce use during the day. These smart thermostats are becoming more prevalent in Ontario and are essentially flattening the peaks slightly by automatically reducing demand.

Ontario’s SMART Green program targets small-to-medium sized manufacturers to implement equipment, technology, and process improvements to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions with grants up to $200,000. These initiatives could help companies boost productivity and see energy savings.

Overall the new Green Ontario Fund is a step in right direction for assisting homeowners and businesses reduce costs in an expensive market.

For more information on the Green Ontario Fund, visit GreenON.ca